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Make Direct Investments in Real Estate

Gelt provides its investors with exclsuive opportunities to invest in quality, value add real estate deals.

Information on current offerings are EXCLUSIVELY for Gelt investors and can only be accessed through the Gelt investor portal. To become a member of the portal and gain access to these investment opportunities, click the "register to see investments" button below and a Gelt representative will be sure to contact you. If you know someone that is already a Gelt investor, they can invite you to join the portal.

Register to see Investments

Join Gelt Inc’s Exclusive Investor Portal

By referal from an existing investor or click the "register to see investments" button above.


Review current offerings

For every investment opportunity, there is detailed information in the investor portal outlining the property, market, and location, the ownership strategy, the estimated length of the investment, the estimated annual return, and the legal structure that Gelt has put together.



Input your investment

Once you decide to invest in a particular offering, you can make your investment commitment easily (spots fill up fast) and securely sign all of the required legal documents within minutes.



Send Investment Funds to Gelt Inc

Once you sign the legal documents online, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to submit payment for your investment. In the case that the investment is oversubcsribed, those that have sent their investment in first will have priority.


Monitor Progress

Stay on top of your investment by monitoring the property's progress, renovations, and updates. In addition to the content on the website, we send out quarterly newsletters to keep you informed on everything.



Collect your returns

Enjoy the benefits of being a real estate owner. Gelt will send you quarterly distributions four times a year via our online payout tool directly into the savings or checking account of your choice. When a property is sold, we will send your share of the profits to you via the same distribution tool. 

Gelt was founded by cousins Keith Wasserman and Damian Langere during the height of the economic recession and financial meltdown in 2008. Gelt’s business plan is to acquire and re-position value-add multifamily real estate investments.

Gelt is committed to providing investors with quality, cash-flowing investment opportunities and is seeking to acquire multifamily, retail, and mobile home park properties in the Western United States with an emphasis in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon.



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